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On Condo Life: Our Guide to Curate Your Condo

This original feature by WAG firm principal Lea Weingarten originally appeared in Condo Life, a publication highlighting luxe living in Houston’s inner loop. 

Moving from home to condo living is no small feat both practically and emotionally.

Many of our clients have transitioned through this downsizing process and engage us to create a meaningful relationship among their new architecture, design and art. So, how should condo living affect your art choices?

First, as a practical matter, condos typically have fewer walls and more windows than the traditional home. A fair amount of editing and some new acquisition is necessary to create a meaningful impact and a thoughtful, personal space. We peer into our clients’ minds, capture the spirit of what they are trying to create and make the experience collaborative and educational.

We focus our approach to comprise works by internationally-renowned artists, local talent and site-specific art commissions. Second, more natural light precludes selections that are highly UV sensitive, so we expose our clients to well-chosen paintings and sculpture, saving more sheltered walls for photography and works on paper.

Our journey takes us to art fairs such as Art Basel Miami Beach, top exhibitions around the US, artist studios and local galleries.

Third, never underestimate the impact of a large work in a smaller space! The right prominently-scaled painting can be a focal point and will pair beautifully with the architecture, making the room feel more substantial, bringing it to life. Most transitions from home to condo involve a change in design direction, frequently to a more modern or contemporary style. We combine the best of our clients’ past and present, form and aesthetics.

Step into The River Oaks and you will discover our most recent example of this approach. The new property is a harmonious dialogue among architecture, interior design and an exquisite art collection that elevates the experience of residents and visitors alike.

This two-year collaboration began when New York-based Arel Capital engaged Weingarten Art Group to work alongside designers Rottet Studio and architects EDI International to create an unprecedented level of luxury in Houston, with art as a key component to transform the space meaningfully and within budget.

The collection includes works by 90-year old American icon Alex Katz, important early photography by Liliana Porter, pieces by Beeville, Texas-born Shaun O’Dell and a riotously colorful painting by Stanley Whitney.

The collection has become a feature that buyers talk about to one another. There is truly nothing that could hold more meaning for us than this type of success.

Our approach is simple: We are not seduced by “fashion”. We guide our clients with value-driven advice. We candidly say “no” to our clients more than we say “yes” – in search of meaningful works for each unique collector that express their personal story and lifestyle.

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