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Leading you to the
art that serves you
and your space best.


We believe you don’t have to walk into a museum to experience great art.

Our projects range from coordinating 700-piece collections threaded throughout a campus to acquiring singular treasures to be admired only in private moments.

We provide art expertise across the spectrum—for spaces both public and private, with clients both knowledgeable and newly initiated, and on behalf of artists both emerging and established.

Each project – Each artwork – Each install –

is as distinct and multifaceted as the people and places it invigorates.

Whether your vision spans a single wall or an entire city center, our role as curator-consultant is to guide you every step along the way, from comprehensive planning and acquisition through installation and ongoing management.


Here’s how we do it. 

We love what we do and see art as an unequivocally powerful tool for unlocking and augmenting a place’s beauty, dimension, and individuality.

Together, we’re discovering the art that will go to your children’s children.

We’re assembling a response to yesterday’s protest.

We’re uncovering the first thing you see when you open your eyes, and the last moment you capture before waving goodbye to your favorite city.

As advisor and advocate, conduit and coordinator, we hope soon to partner with you.

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