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WAG on the Road: New York Gallery Tours

One of our goals at WAG is to help clients delve deeper into the process of collecting. We do this by directly connecting with artists, gallerists and others in the art-making field to provide perspective and understanding. Connecting helps answer questions about the artist’s process, motivation, personal experiences and vision. It also helps the client in the process of discovery, in the process of building an informed and value-driven private collection, and building a collection of works that speak to the individual.

WAG works with closely with clients to foster discovery. One of the many ways we do so is through education of emerging and current talent, and through travel. This week, we’ve been on the road, exploring and discovering, taking a tour of twelve New York Galleries. Our itinerary included:

Carolina Nitsch Gallery
David Zwirner Gallery
Derek Eller Gallery
Fredericks & Freiser Gallery
Garth Greenan Gallery
Jack Shainman Gallery
James Cohan Gallery
Josee Bienvenu Gallery
Marianne Boesky Gallery
R & Company
Ricco Maresca Gallery
Yancey Richardson Gallery

At each gallery, we surveyed works and learned about process, motivation and other projects on the horizon from the artists whose work we viewed. We’ve collected some of our favorites to share with you below…