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Stunning River Oaks High-Rise Adds a Surprise Art Perk

Luxurious River Oaks High Rise features exquisite artworks advised by Weingarten Art Group and other notable art consultants. The project was recently featured in PaperCity.

Fabulous River Oaks High Rise shows its interior is just as stunning as the exterior by tying the look together with coveted art works. The first art acquisitions for the high-rise have been made, and they are museum enviable, exceptional pieces. The artworks were procured at two of the biggest art fairs around the world: Art Basel Miami Beach and the Untitled fair. Both fairs attract top art collectors from around the world.

The building itself has been redesigned as one of the premier addresses for high-rises around Houston. The sensational penthouses top out at $13 million for 13,000 square foot unit.

Residents of The River Oaks’ will be greeted in common areas by the art collection. The visual experience was curated by Arel Capital managing partner Richard Leibovitch, founding principal and president of Rottet studio Lauren Rottet and our very own Lea Weingarten.

Weingarten says, “People can sense immediately when the finest building and design selections are made — and when art is an afterthought . . . Many of The River Oaks’ [future] residents are art collectors in their own right, savvy when it comes to artwork selections. It is important that the pieces going into the common areas are well-chosen.”

Post Art Basel and Untitled fair, Leibovitch, advised by Weingarten and Rottet, selected two senior masters Stanley Whitney and Liliana Porter, both talents who explore painting and drawing, to create original works to complement the elegance of the building.

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