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Virginia Fleck: The Infinite Gaze at Greestreet Houston

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  • Artist

    Virginia Fleck

  • Date


  • Location

    Houston, Texas

  • Photography

    Lawrence Knox

Virginia Fleck has conceived a series of three reflective, infinity shapes to be placed on the art wall at GreenStreet. She imagines these shapes to be floating in a field of stars and creating a mirror encounter that fractures the reflection of the self to encompass the sky, the changing light, and the larger landscape.

The infinity symbol has been used widely in diverse cultures throughout. In China, it was believed that the universe was created by the union of the two opposites, the Earth and the Heavens. As two powerful realms, the Earth and Heaven united to deliver the creation of the universe. The infinity symbol is also seen in carvings of the ruins left behind by the Aztecs, and it was used by the Egyptians as far back as 1600 BC, where it symbolized the travels of the sun across the sky. It is also believed that the shape of the Milky Way galaxy is a source of inspiration for the infinity symbol.

Virginia Fleck is an Austin-based artist who has been commissioned to create a unique, temporary work for GreenStreet in partnership with Midway and Weingarten Art Group. The Infinite Gaze will be on view until December 2023.