Trumpet Flower

  • Project Type // Public
  • Artist // Patrick Renner & Flying Carpet
  • Partners // Nonprofit
  • Date // April 2016 - March 2017
  • Location // Main Street Square in Downtown Houston
  • More info link // Click Here

The key intent of Trumpet Flower is to deliver a unique visual experience with a functional purpose—a shade structure— that draws the attention of viewers and users alike. The shape is inspired by a trumpet flower, but inverted so that it opens down into the open area created by the surrounding buildings. The resulting form will move from the tall parking garage wall out into a canopy, resolving into a structural column. Slats of brightly colored recycled wood woven together will form the skin of the sculpture, to be painted by members of the Houston community in a “painting party.”

Patrick Renner is a sculpture artist based in Houston. Utilizing color fields and the aesthetic of architectural materials, his works have successfully captured the imagination of the communities that are given the opportunity to interact with his work.

Flying Carpet consists of Patrick, Nick Moser and Kelly O’Brien. Nick Moser works on creative projects for festivals, events, and corporate and private clients. He facilitates the design, fabrication and installation of small and large-cale creations and energetic activations of space; he specializes in identifying logistic needs of creative teams. O’Brien is a mechanical engineer focused on oilfield applications of heat transfer, fluid dynamics and structural analysis principles in the development of downhole heater systems and downhole tools.