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Port of Corpus Christi Mural Program

  • Type


  • Artist

    Sandra Gonzalez, Jeremy Flores

  • Date

    June 2021

  • Location

    Corpus Christi, Texas

To honor the Port of Corpus Christi’s commitment to celebrating the work of local and regional artists in their new headquarters, we designed a rotating program of murals that will give our client the opportunity to support their local arts community in an enduring and meaningful way. The two inaugural murals are by artists Sandra Gonzalez and Jeremy Flores.

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Dynamic, bold, and colorful, this design by muralist and educator Sandra Gonzalez is a deeply personal celebration of what the city of Corpus Christi means to her. Her striking self-portrait, showing only her eyes, is embellished with a roseate spoonbill and brightened by a colorful crown of plants and flowers native to the region. A geometric background of faceted shapes in a gradient of colors represents a vibrant coastal sunset and culminates in delicate flowers at the top that are inspired by Otomi embroidery of Mexico.

This bold and bright mural by local artist Jeremy Flores prominently features a tree frog with brilliant red eyes and a lime green body against a background of graffiti patterns. Its title “Startle coloration” refers to the tree frog’s flashing of its striking eyes as a form of defense against predators, representing the vision of both the artist and the Port as conduits of creativity and innovation.