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Fresh Awakening at CityCentre Houston

  • Type


  • Artist

    Orna Feinstein, Kathryn Rabinow, Claire Chauvin, Jeanne Jones, Julie DeVries

  • Date

    Spring 2023

  • Location

    CityCentre 2, 3, 4, and 5 Lobby

As part of CityCentre’s rotating artwork program, the 2023 Spring exhibition, ‘Fresh Awakening’, sheds the gray winter weather and welcomes the new Spring season by featuring five Houston-based, female artists whose work focuses on the beauty of their environment.

‘Fresh Awakening’ seeks to provide the renewed perspective that accompanies the changing of the seasons through a mixture of crisp, joyful colors and imagery reflective of the tranquil moments in nature often overlooked.

Videography by Floyd Willis

Photography by Shannon O’Hara