City Centre: Linear Architectures

  • Project Type // Corporate
  • Artist // Tommy Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Leach
  • Date // September - November 2019

The inaugural exhibition of the rotating art program at CityCentre, Linear Architectures is an exhibition of paintings by Tommy Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Leach that explores the depth and dimension of architecture through linear representation.

Tommy Fitzpatrick’s paintings have deep roots in architecture and mine the intersection of architecture and painting in a skillful balance of realism and abstraction. Jonathan Leach also plays with the language of architecture and abstraction in his large scale back-lit painting on plexiglass, collapsing geometry to a flat plane with energetic tension coming from stacked and crisscrossing lines over a hazy background of colors.

Art at City Centre is a rotating art program that serves to benefit City Centre’s visitors and leasing community.