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Houston Chronicle: Cistern Continues Being Underground Cool as it Hosts Immersive Art

Houston Chronicle’s Andrew Dansby writes about the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern’s opening of its third public art installation titled Time No Longer by Albanian artist Anri Sala.

Using CGI technology Sala created an original film that is projected onto a holographic gauze that spans the width of the Cistern and is accompanied by an original music score.

On this immersive experience Dansby writes:

“Sala’s piece certainly makes the most of the totality of the Cistern. When one walks along the sides, the colors have a little more pop. On the back side of the screen, the water along the bottom becomes more visible and reflective. Across 360 degrees, “Time No Longer” prompts experiential variety.”

Read the full story on the immersive installation here.

Anri Sala Time No Longer, 2021
Four-channel HD computer-generated imagery and five-channel sound, color, translucent screen, pulse-generating speakers, dynamic lights
Photo credit: photo by Lawrence Knox, courtesy of Buffalo Bayou Partnership and Weingarten Art Group