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Head Over Heels for Art Los Angeles Contemporary

A quick trip to Los Angeles in January while Houston’s on the verge of yet another (possibly) rainy spell?

Sure, don’t mind if I do. Sounds delightful and refreshing. I’m already packed!

But it wasn’t really the weather and sun-soaked scenery that had WAG heading West this week — it was the excitement and anticipation of the myriad finds we’d spy at Art Los Angeles Contemporary.

Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) is the largest international fair of the West Coast, celebrating its sixth year in 2015. To be very specific, the fair is headquartered in Santa Monica and housed in the historic Barker Hangar, formerly the home of DC3’s in the 1960s and Howard Hughes plane in the 1970s. During ALAC, the Hangar boasts 40,000 square feet of international blue chip and emerging galleries from around the world. Los Angeles galleries are also strongly represented, and the fair strives to present the most recent dynamic work from represented artists. It’s a sight to see, and we’re excited to share some of our finds with you.

This gallery represents only a few of our favorites, for more, visit our companion album.