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Public Art

A colossal addition to Madison Square Park

Have you noticed a new addition along the skyline coming from the direction of Madison Square Park? This towering structure that appears to take on an animal-esque shape is Big Bling — American sculptor Martin Puryear’s latest public art work.

The 40 foot tall (38 feet wide) sculpture, Puryear’s largest temporary outdoor work, is Madison Square Art’s 33rd public art exhibition and will be on view until January 8, 2017.

According to the New York Times:

“Martin Puryear’s largest sculpture to date will command Madison Square Park in New York like a kind of Trojan horse.”

Puryear is known for his allusive abstract works that fuse organic and geometric forms, and Big Bling is no exception. Carefully constructed with an array of his signature materials, the multi-tier plywood sculpture is wrapped in a fine chain-link fence. A gold-leafed shackle, the “bling,” is fastened near the top like a crown. It’s unique shape invites the audience to conjure interpretations of the meaning of the artwork, seeing as the piece is part animal form, part abstract sculpture and part intellectual mediation.

After its six month stint in New York, the piece will travel to Philadelphia for installation by the Association for Public Art.

Photo: Big Bling by Martin Puryear. Photo courtesy of Madisonsquarepark.org.