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Houston Press: Paloma at Discovery Green

Houston Press arts and culture writer Susie Tommaney includes Weingarten Art Group project at Discovery Green titled Paloma by French art studio Pitaya and Houston based Lina Dib in 10 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston.

About the installation Susie writes:

By day Paloma will look like a flock of origami birds suspended from the live oak trees along the Brown Promenade. But as dusk begins to settle, the colorful aluminum sculptures will be illuminated by LED lights to create the illusion of flight, bringing another season of magic to Discovery Green. Conceived by the French creative studio Pitaya, this will be the first time the immersive art installation travels to Texas and Paloma Sponsored by PNC Bank is being paired with Houston-based artist and anthropologist Lina Dib’s Here and Now, a multi-channel sound installation that draws on the restless sounds of Zugunruhe, or the compulsion to migrate.

The installation continues a strategic plan created in consultation with the Weingarten Art Group, and will be on view through Spring 2020.