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Houston Chronicle: Apartment developers using art to entice renters


The Houston Chronicle’s Molly Glentzer, staff art critic, recently interviewed Weingarten Art Group’s Principal Lea Weingarten about the increased appetite for personal, non-generic experiences in private and work spaces by including art as an amenity. This has emerged as a critical tool in new real estate developments. WAG is at the forefront of this trend, and has been retained by many similar projects. One such project that has received significant media attention is The River Oaks, an elegantly restored Houston landmark with a carefully curated collection by Weingarten Art Group.

In the interview Lea states:

“Consultants now have a seat at the table with landscape architects and the design team… It’s not just an afterthought when they realize they have an empty green space to fill.” The art has been so popular, she added, that realtors now ask her to give art tours around the property to prospective buyers.

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