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Where is Home? at Houston Endowment

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  • Artist

    Sneha Bhavsar, Marcos Hernández Chávez, Nela Garzón, and Lorena Molina

  • Date

    Fall 2023

  • Location

    Houston Endowment

The third exhibition of the Jones Artist Awards Program, Where is Home?, reflects on the concept of home not as a fixed, physical location, but as a sense of belonging. It invites us to question and reflect on our understanding of home, reminding us that it is a complex interplay of culture, memory, and identity.

Artists Nela Garzón, Lorena Molina, Sneha Bhavsar, and Marcos Hernández Chávez each explore these overlapping sensibilities by sharing stories of migration and displacement and examining the fluid nature of boundaries. With media ranging from photography and video animation to fiber-based works, the artists recount their own personal stories, give voice to others, and acknowledge the extraordinary resilience required in making home anew.

An integral element of the Houston story is the continued welcoming and thriving of immigrant communities. The work in this exhibition shows us that, while the location of our home is often mediated by forces outside of our control, we have agency in reshaping it. The loss of home can be lasting, but what home means grows and evolves within us.


Photography by Lawrence Elizabeth Knox