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Studio Iregular: Solstice

  • Type


  • Artist

    Studio Iregular

  • Date

    Winter 2022

  • Location

    Discovery Green

Montreal-based digital art studio, Studio Iregular, created an interactive light and sound installation, which is on view at Discovery Green for the 2022 winter season.

Inspired by solar and planetary movements, SOLSTICE is an interactive installation that invites visitors to make an impact on the environment around them.

SOLSTICE is about how our actions have far-reaching impact. Just like the sun affects moods, seasons, and nature, so to do our individual decisions and actions also have effects on a global scale. This applies to many aspects of life, but more importantly and urgently to our planet.

We often think about how our choices have negative repercussions on the planet, but the changes that we can implement as individuals have the power to influence the environment in a positive way. The audience-activated sound and landscape transformation of the SOLSTICE installation is intended as a metaphor for our potential for change.