Ella Lee

  • Project Type // Private
  • Artist // Sigrid Sandström, Darren Waterston, Francesca Fuchs, Laura Letinsky, Shaun O’Dell, Helen Altman, Inga Kerber
  • Date // July 2016
  • Location // Houston, Texas

Residing in Houston, Texas’ established River Oaks neighborhood, our client had not redecorated their home in two decades. With their children nearing college age, the timing was perfect to renovate, to consider their art collection and to make it a significant component of their lifestyle. For this couple, art was the focus.

We began by understanding their passions: What engages them? What makes them curious? What do they love to think about? What visuals do they enjoy?

The final collection, to date, includes works from artists that helm from Stockholm, New York, Italy, Texas’ Hill Country Region and more — all together harmoniously adding sophistication and thoughtfulness to their space.

A large piece by Swedish-artist Sigrid Sandström (Inman Gallery) and six watercolors by Darren Waterston (Inman Gallery) symbolize our client’s journey from pure representational works into the realm of the abstract. Their eye become more trained toward art that offered some mystery, wonder and discovery. Sandström’s approach is inspired glacial and mountainous landscapes of Sweden, which resonated with our clients.