• Project Type // Private
  • Artist // Luis Tomasello, Sharon Core, Dario Robleto, Ed Ruscha, Lisa Milroy, Adam Pendleton.
  • Date // Current
  • Location // Houston, TX

One of our most knowledgeable and sophisticated clients has a whimsical sensibility. She’s intrigued by art that’s not only visually appealing but also exhibits wit and humor. Much of her collection is by female artists whose femininity is in full display.

Our client travels extensively to art fairs and regularly attends gallery openings. While she’s tuned into art trends, our role is to serve as a trusted advisor as the family collection is expanded. WAG helps her edit and vet the multitude of objects she sees and likes to ensure she’s augmenting and not duplicating. The whole family participates in the art buying decisions.

She has a penchant for young, emerging local artists who have an international reputation, including works from Latin America. Across the collection, the unifying elements are clean lines, a high color palette, vibrant patterns and livability. As the client entertains extensively, including hosting public and fundraising events multiple times per month, the art becomes conversation starters.