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Light Current

  • Type


  • Artist

    Katy Stone

  • Date

    June 2021

We selected Katy’s because of her deep interest in the natural phenomena and forces of energy that animate our world, which so brilliantly coincides with the values and mission of our client at the Port of Corpus Christi. Her installation fully transforms this space through its response to light and movement, literally reflecting the activity of our client through its form and material. Like the sun’s play on the water, the effect is subtle yet dramatic and familiar yet always new.

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Light Current by Seattle-based artist Katy Stone is a permanent installation at the Port of Corpus Christi Administration Building of more than 20,000 hand-sanded discs made of metalized mylar on acrylic. At 13 feet tall and over 40 feet long overall, every element is placed with intentionality to create an immersive experience, suggesting everything from an abstracted map of the world, waves in the sea, wind currents, celestial navigation, the sun or moon, and reflections of light on water.

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