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Bounds of Our Perceptions at CityCentre Houston

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  • Date

    Fall 2022

  • Location

    CityCentre 2, 3, 4, and 5 Lobby

CityCentre 2 Lobby: Jay Shinn

CityCentre 2 Back Lobby: Claire Ankenman

CityCentre 3 + 4 Lobby: Tommy Fitzpatrick

CityCentre 5 Lobby: Adrian Landon Brooks

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Art @ CityCentre is a rotating art program featuring fresh and engaging exhibitions of works from Texas-based artists and galleries. This ongoing program serves visitors and tenants of CityCentre lobby spaces in office buildings across the campus.

This program, entitled ‘Bounds of Our Perceptions’, featuring Jay Shinn, Claire Ankenman, Tommy Fitzpatrick, and Adrian Landon Brooks, continues to intrigue tenants and reflects Midway’s ongoing commitment to the advancement of the arts in Houston. Exhibitions are curated by Weingarten Art Group.

The artists exhibited in the Fall 2022 rotation encourage the viewer to take a closer look at the artwork. Through a play on color, line, and light the artists provide unique moments of discovery, which simultaneously delight and surprise the viewer by questioning the boundaries of their perceptions.

All Photos by Lawrence Knox (@lawrenceeliz)

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