House Beautiful: Colorado

  • Project Type // Private
  • Date // October 2020
  • Location // Denver, Colorado
  • More info link // Click Here

As an art collector herself, Lucinda always has fine art in mind to maximize her curated interiors. For Lucinda’s House Beautiful Whole Home room “the Hub”, we discussed how inspired she was by the vast expanse of nature that is Colorado. We selected works together that range from abstractions of nature, like Demetrius Oliver’s “Comet” works, which magically evoke constellations made from humble materials, to Linarehos Moreno and Dorntih Doherty’s works, which are exquisitely representational and intricate. The latter pieces take scientific approaches: Moreno’s subjects in this series were handmade, mechanical models of floral anatomy, while Doherty, a Guggenheim Fellow and one of the foremost photographers concerned with our rapidly changing environment, shares “Drift”, a dramatic closeup of a hummingbird feather – an object that is most frequently in such rapid motion it is usually not visible. Our two little Frederico Uribe squirrels (constructed from bullet shells) playfully scurry in the recessed, lacquered ceiling and are an unexpected surprise for the viewer. Finally, we grouped a series of small-scale, tactile pieces around the corner of the foyer – an unexpected presentation. Several gold-leaf book collages by Al Souza are interspersed among a bird’s nest painting by Helen Altman (on an antique school slate), two romantic pieces by Hreinn Fridfinnsson (“Correspondence” – two envelopes joined to evoke a couple’s bond) and by Ridley Howard (small, sexy painting “Brown Leather Boots”), Page Kempner’s tactile bronzes and finally Shaun O’Dell’s delicious “89 Suns” (painting on paper). We achieved natural elegance with an eclectic and expected experience in “the Hub”.


Photos by: Emily Minton Redfield