Ascending Focus

  • Project Type // Corporate
  • Artist // FOO/SKOU
  • Date // January 2020
  • Location // Houston, Texas

Ascending Focus is part of a series of work titled Format3, which draws upon a system of 81 “Sound Symbols” derived from three basic shapes, mapped to sound samples from their corresponding elements – square, circle, triangle/earth, water, fire. This installation, which combines graphic artwork, virtual objects, and sound, explores new possibilities in music composition and performance. When equipped with the Format3 app, the iPhone becomes a musical tool, allowing the audience to participate in the creation of unique, spontaneous soundscapes.

Danish-born collaborative duo FOO/SKOU (Louise Foo and Martha Skou) merge technology with analog processes to explore composing, making, and experiencing sound in the digital age.

This artwork is created as part of the Art @ GreenStreet Program.