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On Our Radar

Jose Davila challenges our perception of art

Who: Jose Dávila is a Mexican artist and sculptor whose sculptural installations center around the architectural elements of line and plane interacting with simple structures and raw materials, and whose photographic pieces deconstruct iconic works of art to challenge the perception of the viewer. About the artist: Born in 1974 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dávila could…

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WAG Art and Design

On Condo Life: Our Guide to Curate Your Condo

This original feature by WAG firm principal Lea Weingarten originally appeared in Condo Life, a publication highlighting luxe living in Houston’s inner loop.  Moving from home to condo living is no small feat both practically and emotionally. Many of our clients have transitioned through this downsizing process and engage us to create a meaningful relationship among…

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WAG Your Wall

Bringing energy into a bright but empty space through the perfect piece

Where we started: Our client, a couple referred to us by a high-profile design professional, had recently begun augmenting their personal collection with well-recognized museum acquisitions. They are drawn to artists with a high-color, high-impact style and designed their new-built home in the Memorial area to provide a neutral contrast on which to display their…

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