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Urban landscape as an art canvas: KHOU covers Art Blocks public art project

It’s a big weekend in Houston for basketball fans with the Final Four in town. Those coming in for the game have an added colorful bonus to their trip — Downtown District’s Art Blocks. In conjunction with Downtown’s current transformation, the Weingarten Art Group and Houston’s Downtown Management District came together to create Art Blocks, a series…

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Amy Bishop of Houston Public Media interviewing Weingarten Art Group's Lea Weingarten

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Can you unlink artists from their creative work?

The argument in a recent Houston Public Media arts and culture segment could be summarized with the question, “Can you unlink artists from their creative work?” Amy Bishop, arts and culture reporter for News 88.7, visited with Weingarten Art Group principal Lea Weingarten to further explore the subject of disabled persons participating in the professional fine…

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