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PaperCity: 70-Million-Year-Old Turtle, a Beautiful Memorial Mansion and Beetle Mania Makes This Anything But Just Another Night

Some private collectors have such a penchant for art and design that their holdings take centerstage in every aspect of their lives. Such is the case for Houstonian Kelli Weinzierl, the home of whom was the setting for Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s yearly women-only fundraiser. The home was decorated by longtime Weingarten Art Group collaborator Lucinda Loya, while…

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WAG In The News

CultureMap on GUST: Eye-catching public art installation blows into Discovery Green this winter

CultureMap arts and culture writer Tarra Gaines visits Weingarten Art Group’s newest public art installation in the heart of Downtown Houston. GUST by Mexican collective Cocolab transforms the park’s promenade of mature live oak trees into a playful environment that offers creative reflection and interactivity. The installation continues a strategic plan created in consultation with…

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Jose Davila challenges our perception of art

Who: Jose Dávila is a Mexican artist and sculptor whose sculptural installations center around the architectural elements of line and plane interacting with simple structures and raw materials, and whose photographic pieces deconstruct iconic works of art to challenge the perception of the viewer. About the artist: Born in 1974 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dávila could…

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WAG Project

Playfulness, color and movement welcomes you to GUST at Discovery Green

Weingarten Art Group’s fall 2018 installation for Downtown Houston’s Discovery Green welcomes GUST by Mexican-collective Cocolab. The kinetic and engaging concept makes visible patterns of the wind with vivid color, subtle motion and patterns of light through a landscape created by illuminated pinwheels. It’s an environment that our team believes will engender families from all…

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