Education & Travel

The “art experience” is both thought-provoking and emotion-invoking.

More often than not, one’s personal encounter with art comes from exposure during a gallery or museum visit, where one experiences new and sometimes confounding paintings, photography, sculpture, or newer media, such as video or installation art. Sometimes these works of art seem engaging or arresting, sometimes neutral or even off-putting. A viewer may wonder, for example:

  • “Why is this art?”
  • “What does it mean?”
  • “How was it made?”
  • “What motivated the artist?”
  • “What is the value of the work in both cultural and economic terms?”
  • “How do I react to it, emotionally and intellectually?”
  • “How will I feel living with it day to day?”

These are fair and valid questions for both novice and experienced observers and collectors.

Weingarten Art Group seeks and provides its clients with a rich education that ensures informed acquisitions. We offer a global perspective on the art world.

  • Private tours of museums, galleries and artist studios
  • Art fair access, private tours and travel
  • Academic and Fine Art programming
  • Curated travel experiences for collecting groups